With the rapid change and innovation, we keep upgrading our electronic deviceswith new ones while disposing off the old ones. As stated by central pollution control board, improper disposal of e-waste will lead to many health hazards, such as air pollution, water contamination and soil degradation.

The new laws of CPCB mandate the manufacturer to take the responsibility of collection and disposal of the waste while following the recommended structured program. Virogreen India Pvt Ltd as an e-waste disposal company in Chennai has now had a pan-India approach towards the same. We at Virogreen offers WEEE services to various manufacturers to take care of the extended producer responsibility activities on our behalf while following the setup rules by CPCB.

Our services

WEEE services

with our skilled labor and decades of experience we take care of all the e-wastes disposal activities on our behalf. We give exceptional services such as collection of e-wastes from the various pickup points, safe transportation, segregation, dismantling and then recycling and disposing of e-wastes.

Reverse logistics

Ourteam of skilled workers helps with the proper separation of the wastes and contributes to extract metals and reusable components from the wastes.

Plastic recycling

Our state of art technology has made it possible to recycle plastic materials into reusable goods successfully. Our primary aim is to extend the life of all plastic products as long as possible.

Data erasure and destruction

The safe removal of data is ensured following legal, regulatory procedure. Parts of devices are successfully extracted for reuse. We use the most advanced technology to erase your data making it impossible to retract in future.

Top benefits of our service

  • 24X7 customer support
  • Pan India based services
  • Hassle free collection of e-wastes
  • Our workforce, so you don’t have to recruit

Virogreen India Pvt Ltd as among the top e-waste disposal company in Tamil Nadu has been extending its services all over India. We have been offering our services to our clients all over India since 2002.

For any further inquiry, you can call us or mail us on our given address. We will be happy to assist you in your journey.