Electronic Recycle

Right from consumer goods till the controlling boards are called as Electronics waste. The electronic waste particularly consists of silicon materials and a few other chemical containing components. The treating methods have major difference when comparing with electrical wastes.


Environmental impact

Primary and secondary exposure to toxic metals from the electronic goods, such as lead, mercury, results mainly from open-air burning of electronic devices. Flames from burning e-waste creates fine particulate substance, which is lead to lung and heart diseases. These environmental issues majorly arise because of improper e waste disposal. There are not many electronic waste companies in India that can cater to these problems and crave out the path to a better environment.


Our Strategy

We implement some of the finest e waste disposal methods that are thoroughly researched by environmental experts and professionals. With the implementation of these well researched disposal strategies, we obtain the best results and are thus called the best e waste disposal company in Chennai. We employ three stage process for processing electronics goods: