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Established in 2002, Virogreen India Pvt Ltd is well-known for offering impeccable e-waste disposal and recycling services across India. We are among the leading e waste disposal company in Chennai, registered under Central pollution control board of India (CPCB) and Tamil Nadu pollution control board (TNPCB) and have been spread to other cities like Bangalore, Hyderabad and Pondicherry for state-of-the-art technology, eco-friendly methods and transparent dealings, adhering to all the compliances put forth by the regulatory authority.


To innovate newer and faster technology and to contribute to the Indian Environmental Safety, Virogreen will strive to do best cultured business with inclusive growth of the industry.

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Virogreen India Pvt Ltd provides basically E-Waste recycle, E-Waste disposal, green recycling, scrap metal recycling, and non-metal recycling services

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When a client can envisage a long-term relationship and needs more than one service, to accommodate in an economic way.

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The success of an e-waste business depends on availability of adequate quantities of e-waste to process.The e-waste entrepreneur / investor could tap e-waste.

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Our Services

Virogreen India Pvt Ltd provides basically E Waste recycle, E-Waste disposal, green recycling, scrap metal recycling, and non-metal recycling services.

e waste electrical recycle Electrical Recycle

Electrical recycling refers to recycling of light and heavy electrical appliances. They are mostly used in households, small & medium industries.

e waste electronic recycle Electronic Recycle

Right from consumer goods till the controlling boards are called as Electronics waste. The electronic waste particularly consists...

e waste Plastic recycle Plastics Recycle

Having named them generally as plastic, they are not so simple to be classified that way. After invention of polymers...

e waste data erasure services   Data Erasure

The digital world of information mandates users to store data in rewritable media such as Solid state devices, magnetic devices.

elogistics for ewaste services collections   Logistics

The next-big-challenge of E-Waste recycle is handling the goods to and fro the factory and its location.

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We at Virogreen will carry out your extended producer responsibility task so as a producer you can be more focus on your research and development and other responsibilities.

Cover all processes

We provide services from the point of collection to transportation, storage, dismantling, recycling and disposal of the e-wastes. As one of the best e-waste disposal companies in India, we take full responsibility for a safe disposal of your e-wastes.

Pan India Presence

With our exceptional services we have achieved a wide presence all over India. Along with large collection centers all over India, pickup of e-waste have been made easy.

Outstanding services

Being one of the top e-recycling companies in India, we have a wide4acres area to carry out our operation and eliminate time-consuming processes such as transportation of goods. We believe the more time we save, the more we can recycled.


Advantages you will be getting a customer

  • 24X7 customer assistance
  • On time completion of tasks
  • Ensures client confidentiality
  • Transparency in service
  • Strictly follow the rules and regulation of Government
  • Optimized recovery of raw materials and metals

With the advanced technology ofVirogreen, ithas emerged out as the best e-waste management services in India. We provide a high-quality recovery of your assets for reselling purpose along with precious metals from electronic and electrical items. We at Virogreen prioritize our client with our uncompromised quality of service and our complete commitment.


Tamil Nadu Pollution Control Board has been established as a regulatory authority for implementing various pollution control laws. .

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The Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) of India is a statutory organisation under the Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change (MoEF&CC).

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In export import trade, permission from Ministry of Environment, Forests & Climate Change is required if such export or import goods contain hazardous wastes.

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Virogreen India Pvt ltd is a proud member of the Industrial Waste management Association of Tamilnadu.

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